Some of Hawaii’s Beauties

May Day is not the only time of the year to offer or receive a lei. These stunning strings of flowers, leaves, feathers or shells have actually ended up being synonymous with the Hawaiian Islands. The history of the lei was used by old Hawaiians for adornment but also were made use of for distinguishing themselves apart as well as for ritualistic purposes. Growing tourism also led to its growing appeal, with lei vendors popping up along the Aloha Tower throughout the steamship era and people buying and selling lei to greet visitors to our islands. It’s a practice that can still be seen commonly today.

Where to Find These Beauties

If you go to Chinatown in Honolulu you will see many flower and lei suppliers as well as discover these stunning and popular style leis. Though only a small option, they are a few of the most demanded heavenly-scented leis in Hawaii.

The Ginger Lei

The White Ginger lei is a gorgeous highly fragrant lei made from white ginger blossoms. Originating in India and brought to the Hawaiian Islands with the early Polynesians on canoes, the awapuhi keokeo (white ginger) lei is an exquisite adornment loved by the Hawaiians and guess alike. This beautiful flower also comes in yellow that has a slightly different look and scent. You can smell a ginger lei from afar, and it surely makes heads turn.

White Ginger Lei
By Ali’i Flowers
Yellow Ginger Blossoms
by Keola Beamer
Dennis Pavao

Maile Lei

The wonderful aroma, as well as beautiful greenery of Maile, makes this lei a stately option. Maile is one of the earliest as well as the most preferred lei material used in ancient Hawaii. It was most commonly used for the worship Laka, the god of hula as well as use as a symbol of peace and aloha. It Maile leaves are believed to protect the wearer, bestow best of luck, as well as healing powers. A native to Hawaii, the vines of the scented Maile plant are used to produce this leafy lei. It’s frequently worn opened or tied ends together and given on extremely important celebrations, such as wedding celebrations or graduations.

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The Maile Lei
By Aloha Isle Leis
Ben & Malia

Pua Kenikeni

This tubular flower grows in clusters at the end of branches on a tree. It flowers a luscious creamy white shade, transforms yellow by the second day, and to orange the third day. The trumpet-shaped blossom of the pua kenikeni tree is just one of the most aromatic of blossoms. Presented to Hawaii in modern times, it’s widely spread throughout the Pacific and also was recognized merely as pua (flower) somewhere else. It obtained its name pua kenikeni (“10-cent flower”) in Hawaii, due to the fact that each flower cost 10 cents each in the very early days when it was first utilized to make lei. Once strung each lei is kept in a cool area out of the sun and never placed in a refrigerator.

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Pua Kenikeni Leis
Mark Yamanaka

Pikake Lei

The classic pikake is from the jasmine family members and also is constructed from little white ball-like flowers which produce a sweet, divine scent. A favorite of Hawaii’s Princess Kaiulani, she named the flower “pikake” after the lovely peacocks that roamed her Waikiki estate. A lei strung with this aromatic white bloom is thought to be a familiar component of the old courtship ritual and will certainly capture a female’s heart. These elegant leis are frequently put on at special occasions by brides to be, hula dancers, and visitors of honor. Pikake blossoms can be woven with various other flowers like (pakalana, climbed, maile, etc) to make a variety of magnificent lei mixes.

Delicateness Counts

These pretty, little bit, fragile flowers load a big scent. A lot so that you’ll definitely smell them before you see them. Do not allow that detour you from buying three, 4 or five strands of these leis, which beautiful decorates person who wears them. Though these flowers are referred to as the Arabian Jasmine to the remainder of the globe, it is recognized as Pikake.

Image result for pikake lei
Pikake Lei circled around Lokelani and Ferns
By Kuana Torres Kahele
Hula Halau O Kamuela 2018 Merrie Monarch Festival Competition
sung by Robert Cazimero

Finally The Purple Dendrobium Lei

Not traditionally Hawaiian, vivid color of the orchid lei is among one of the most preferred lei seen at the airport terminal and also at luau greetings. They’re sturdier than the majority of various other flowers, are long-lasting, can be colored as well as have no aroma, making it a lei that truly is ideal for every single individual as well as occasion.

Purple Dendrobium Fresh Orchid Leis are dynamic as well as beautiful for the ideal tropical-inspired event. This lei features pretty dendrobium orchids that have a white center, which fades right into warm pink, and ultimately right into a regal purple tone. The orchids are hand-strung together, with their petals facing in an outward direction to give the lei an abundant look. Traditionally used as neckwear for the bride and groom, or used as stunning party favors for guests or visitors.

Purple Dendrobium Orchid Lei
By Cindy’s Lei Shoppe
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