Hula Is More Than A Dance And More Than A Way Of Life, Hula Becomes Life Itself

Hula Becomes The Way of Life

At a time when language was only spoken in old Hawaii, chants and hula was very important in preserving the culture as well as it’s history and genealogy. The dance and chants connected their people to the land and their Gods. Hula becomes life itself.

In the ancient days before foreigners started to arrive, the hula was danced for protocol and social enjoyment. Where did it all began? Many believe that hula was born on the island of Molokai. Another legend speaks of hula originating on the island of Kauai.

After the missionaries arrived, the hula and the Hawaiian language were silenced and outlawed. Queen Ka’ahumanu had banned the hula because of her new Christian beliefs. But it was King David Kalakaua who revitalize hula to what it once were. Under Kalakaua’s reign the Hawaiian traditions was restored and  regained a new life as the hula was reborn.

Hula is so much more than what we read about or see. The discipline that comes with hula shapes people as individuals. Hula is that feeling deep down inside, that understanding that there is so much more to a story. You become the dance, you are the hula itself. That is the only way to really understand the hula, You will and must become the dance. Thus it becomes the way of life and life itself.

Today, deeply rooted in culture, this unique art form is known worldwide as a symbol of the Hawaiian culture. It is to be embraced and shared by all to love and experience. Hula is more than a dance, it is more than a way of life, hula is life itself.


‘Ae Luv Hula