Dancers are adorned with Maile and Kukui Nut Lei

With Merrie Monarch coming up, we thought it would be appropriate featuring some of the flowers you will see. On Kahiko night lots and lots of greenery pick from the Mauna and sometimes mixed with some amazing flowers. While the chants and dances take time to plan and choreograph, great thought is also put in choosing the right adornments. Depending on the island and or song, certain plants or flowers go with it.

Some of the most popular on Kahiko night is the ti leave skirts or Palapalai,
lei po‘o (head lei), lei ‘ā‘ī (neck lei), kūpe‘e (lei for wrist and ankles). Others could be Laua’e or Maile, Lehua and A’ali’i among others. The hula determines which plants will be used.

Stands of Pikake around their necks and in their hair. Merrie Monarch Photo

The Awana NIght is the Final competition night and Awards night

Auana nights is on a more grandeur spectrum. It can be from the simple but lovely yellow Pua Melia to strands and strands of Pikake or Awapuhi. Whatever is chosen you’ll know that the Kumu hula has put much thought in their choices. And then there is the hair adornments. Some as simple as a few colorful flowers to a spectacular floral arrangement that captures the eye of the audience. Every year it is amazing.

Each year halaus bring their best, vying for that special moment to claim a winning spot. It is truly an all in thing when it comes to competition. Some halaus take a little break once the competition is over. A well deserves break. Once MMF Practice begins again it can be two to three practices a week, to five or more days when it gets closer. The dedication is expected and also fundraisers are planned to raise monies for their trip. No halau can survive without the ohana. Parents, uncles and aunties, husbands and wives. It is one big family.

The Different Implements Makes It A Sight To See

This year we will be looking forward to what style chants and implements the dancers will bring. Both for Kahiko and Awana nights. Most common are the ipu’s or ipu heke’s, ‘uli’uli’s, pu’ili’s or even the ‘ili’ili’s. The kala’au’s and the papa heihi is quite impressive as the hands and legs have two different timing or beats. Whatever they choose we are sure you all will enjoy the awesomeness and beauty of the King Kalakaua 2019 Merrie Monarch Festival. Stay tune for more facts on the Merrie Monarch Festivals.

Merrie Monarch 2012, Halau Hula O Kamuela Long and short Kala’au and the Papa Heihi.

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