Miss Aloha Hula Beautiful Gold Hawaiian Bracelet 


One of the most cherished gifts to get with the title of the Miss Aloha hula is the specially made Gold Hawaiian Bracelet. Something to keep and also look upon for a lifetime of Hula customs and successes.

Miss Aloha Hula is a sought-after title for which females ages 18 to 25 could contend for during  Merrie Monarch. The practice began in 1971, with Kumu Aloha Dalire winning the very first title as a haumana in her mothers’ halau. In the past competition originally consisted of only one form of dancing, the auana. Today entrants must show strong Hawaiian language and chanting skills as well. In addition, they must show superior choreography and performance in both hula kahiko as well as hula auana.

How a Contestant is chosen 

Accomplished dancers are picked for the competition by their Kumu Hula (master Hula teacher), commonly based on a combination of their abilities as well as character. During their performance, dancers must also put on specific kinds of clothing, which for hula kahiko would include head, wrist, ankle, and neck leis, as well as a skirt made from pounded bark (tapa) and also all-natural materials. For the auana portion, modern hula style clothing is used and accompanied by musicians and singers playing guitars and ukuleles.

That Special Spark

Shalia Kapuauʻionālani Kikuyo Kamakaokalani, Miss Aloha Hula 2018

Shalia Kapuauʻionālani Kikuyo Kamakaokalani, Miss Aloha Hula 2018

Ways of choosing as well as training candidates vary with each halau, each year as well as with each kumu hula. Aloha Wong Dalire said she “seeks that certain spark that establishes a solo dancer apart from line dancers.”

“In some cases, you could see that they have that unique something,” claimed Dalire, kumu hula of Keolalaulani Halau ‘Olapa O Laka. Dalire was the very first Miss Aloha Hula in 1971. Her Keolalaulani halau has represented many Miss Aloha Hulas in the past. Her daughters Kapualokeokalaniakea Dalire in 1991 and Kau’imaiokalaniakea Dalire in 1992 and her youngest daughter Keola Dalire in 1999 are all past winners.

While just being chosen to take part in the festival is a substantial honor, the title of Miss Aloha Hula stands for a meaningful and successful accomplishment that dancers treasure for a lifetime. Along with getting the distinguished title, today’s Miss Aloha Hulas get cash money awards amongst other things. And a very special gift, an invaluable souvenir. A custom-made Hawaiian heirloom bracelet is created especially for the winner. With heirloom jewelry dating back to the Hawaiian monarchy more than a century ago, these priceless pieces represent the conservation of hula and the Hawaiian culture.

Miss Aloha Hula 2018 receiving her beautiful Miss Aloha Hula Hawaiian Bracelet.

Shalia Kapuauʻionālani receiving her beautiful Miss Aloha Hula Hawaiian Bracelet.


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