Plumeria Flower With Love


There isn’t any flowers that reminds people who visits Hawaii more than the beautiful plumeria flower. They are found around the world and are not native to Hawaii. The soft and fragrant flower has an intoxicating sweet smell that can often be worn over the ear to which may point out relationship status. If worn on the left it refers to you being “taken” and if worn on the right, refers to you being single.

Brought to the Islands by a German botanist in 1860, the plumeria flower took to the tropical climate of Hawaii. There are many varieties unique to the islands. During WWll it was customary among sailors and travelers to toss a plumeria flower leis into the water. When the ships passed  the harbor and the lei floated ashore they would return. If it floated toward the ship, they wouldn’t be coming back.

A variety of colors

A plumeria flower can come in many different colors. A bright yellow, deep burgundy, snow white, and a range of pink and orange hues. The yellow plumeria last the longest and have a stronger scent. While the white flower has a shorter lifespan..

Pretty Pink, Peach and Yellow Plumeria

Pretty Pink, Peach and Yellow Plumeria Photo posted by Jkwdesigns Making Flowers

Visitors will go to the Arizona Memorial tossing individual plumeria petals into the water to honor those fallen soldiers. You may also buy plumeria flower leis near the airports, or at many florist in China town. You will see  plumeria trees growing in the yards of the locals full in bloom. Hotels use variety of color trees to beautify their landscape. They may also be seen abundantly on the roadsides of all islands.

The sweet scent and beauty of the plumeria flower can be found in plumeria shaped and scented candles and body lotions or perfumes. Beautiful island gold jewelry resembling plumeria flowers are sold. They make great gifts to take home. Most importantly pick a fresh flower to experience for yourself and wear it in your hair.

Gold Plumeria Earring

Gold Plumeria Earring  photo by Honolulu Jewelry Company

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