Aunty Pilahi Paki Wrote Extensively About The True Meaning of Aloha

(love, compassion, kindness)

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The word Aloha comes with many meanings. The true meaning of Aloha is the “spiritual principle” that emits the deepest expression with one’s relationship. With oneself, one’s family, community, friends, and strangers and the creative and giving forces that live inside of each person. The “True Meaning of Aloha,” has a greater meaning than just hello or goodbye. It is a mindset and a way of life. Aloha is an attitude. To be in aloha is to be in the presence of life. To share your inner-most essence, being open and honest with humility. Aloha is excepting others for who they are and showing dignity to what they have to offer. Aunty Pilahi Paki wrote a law because she envisioned a twenty-first-century world in conflict and would look to Hawai‘i for healing. Aloha would be its remedy.

The Aloha Spirit Law

A Akahai – meaning kindness (grace),
expressed with tenderness;
L Lokahi – meaning unity (unbroken),
expressed with harmony;
O‘Olu‘olu – meaning agreeable (gentle),
expressed with pleasantness;
H Ha‘aha‘a – meaning humility (empty),
expressed with modesty;
A Ahonui – meaning patience (waiting for the
moment), expressed with perseverance.

The late Aunty Pilahi Paki wrote the “Aloha Spirit” law (Hawai‘i Revised Statutes, section 5-7.5). It recognizes the aloha spirit “as the working philosophy of native Hawaiians. There is a secret to the word Aloha. To truly live in the Aloha way or the Aloha spirit, you must apply all principles. Using one without the rest means you are not in the Aloha spirit. Here we briefly share her story in the video. She is a true representation of ALOHA.

Pilahi Paki, The Keeper of the Secrets of Hawaii video on YouTube Publishes by Kokua Films Hawaii



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