The Rain Dancers of Waimea, Hawaii

Image by Waimea Gardens



On the east side of Hawaii Island, inland from the beautiful Kohala coast, you will find Waimea. A place like no other with its rolling green pastures and home to cattle, ranches, and Paniolos. Something else that they are known for is the Rain Dancers of Waimea.

Parker Ranch, Cattle & Paniolos

Parker Ranch, Waimea, Hawaii

Parker Ranch Rodeo Arena, Waimea, Hawaii

You won’t find these dancers performing in one of the Big Islands hotels or at any hula event or hula competition. You will not see them as entertainment at a luau. In fact, you probably won’t see them performing anywhere. The Waimea rain dancers perform for a very important audience, their Gods, and their ancestors.

Waimea and Mauna Kea

image by Parker Ranch, Waimea, and Mauna Kea

These dancers are called upon in time of need for rain and snow to nourish and feed the land. It is a physical manifestation of the spiritual world that connects them to the land that they inhabit.

Wearing the Kapa

image by Kumukahi Wearing Kapa to Summon the elements of Hawaii island


The Rain Dancer of Waimea

The Rain Dancer of Waimea wearing Kapa & Feathers

They wear very special garments made by each dancer. Their garments are handmade kapa and their hulas are rarely seen. This is a generation of tradition from centuries old, and a special form of hula.

On the outside, it looks like it’s just recreation. You are watching the physical manifestation of the spiritual world that they occupy.

When there’s not enough snowfall on the mountain, they get summon from astronomers to facilitate and call the snow or the rain to come forth. In meters of drought, they’re often called to chant into the heavens and ask the elements to feed and nourish the land.

Watch this interesting video of The Rain Dancers of Waimea as they summons forth the elements on Hawaii Island.

Video by The Great Big Story